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Mak 90 Accessories

We offer a  huge selection of firearms accessories including conventional stocks, folding stocks, forends, rear grips, pistol grip stocks, pistol grips, mag extensions, after market stocks and more.  In addition we offer mounting rails, mounts, bases and more.  We offer accessories for  AK47, Benelli, Enfield, Gailil, Micro Galil, Glock, MP5, HI Point, Ithica, H&R, M1 Carbines, AR 15, M16, Maadi, Mak 90, Marlin, Mausers, Maverick Shotguns, Micro Uzi, Uzi, Mosin Nagant, Mossberg Shotguns, New England Firearms, Norinco 98 Shotguns, P90, Remington, Rossi, Ruger, Savage, Sig Sauer, SKS, Thompson Center, 1911 Style Handguns, Winchester, and many more.  We offer accessories from Command Arms, Choate, Advanced Technology and many more. 

AK, MAK-90 Maadi Fiberforce Stock

Fiberforce Dragunov Design for Military Look & Style

FITS: AK, MAK-90 and MAADI (all AK-47 variants) 7.62 x 39 cal.

bulletBuilt-in Cheek Rest
bulletThumbhole Grip
bulletFits Milled and Stamped Receivers
bulletVentilated Forend
bulletDowel Sling Mount
bullet1” Extended Length
bulletButtpad Available
bulletScratch Resistant
bulletEasy “Drop-In” Installation
bulletMatte Black
bulletGlass-Filled Nylon
bulletMade in USA
bulletLifetime Warranty
bulletNo Gunsmithing

AK, MAK-90 Maadi Fiberforce Stock\

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology AK, MAK-90 Maadi Fiberforce Stock



AK Strikeforce Pistol Grip

• Ergonomic,Textured Pistol Grip
• Installs with Original Mounting Hardware (Screw & Nut)
• Counts Toward US Compliance Parts
• Virtually Indestructible
• Matte Black
• Glass-Filled Nylon
• Made in USA
• Lifetime Warranty
• No Gunsmithing
FITS: All AK Variants (Stamped Receivers)

Note: Some Mak-90 owners may need to purchase

AK Strikeforce Pistol Grip

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology AK Strikeforce Pistol Grip



AK Strikeforce Handguards (Upper and Lower) with Picatinny Rails & Inserts

bulletErgonomic Design
bulletNon-Slip Design
bulletVentilated Upper & Lower Handguards
bulletOne 4" and Three 2" Picatinny Rails
bulletMolded Inserts for When Rails Are Not Used
bulletRails are Removable and Interchangeable
bulletSling Swivel Stud
bulletCount towards US Compliance Parts
bulletMade in USA
bulletLifetime Warranty
bulletNo Gunsmithing
Fits: All AK Variants (Stamped Receivers)

AK Strikeforce Handguards (Upper and Lower) with Rails and Inserts

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology AK Strikeforce Handguards (Upper and Lower) with Rails and Inserts



AK Strikeforce Collapsible, Side Folding Buttstock w/Adjustable Cheekrest & Buttpad

• Six-Position Collapsible/Side Folding
• Folds to the Left Side of the Receiver (One Second Open/Close)
• Removable/Adjustable (3/8”) Cheekrest
• Removable Buttpad
• Store Extra Light/Laser/Batteries Inside Stock Tube
• May be fired from folded position
• Sling Swivel Studs
• Improved Ventilation
• Use Original Mounting Hardware for Installation
• Assembled in Fixed Position
• Virtually Indestructible
• Matte Black
• Glass-Filled Nylon
• Made in USA
• Lifetime Warranty
• No Gunsmithing

AK Strikeforce Collapsible Buttstock, with Adjustable Cheekrest and Buttpad

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology AK Strikeforce Collapsible Buttstock, with Adjustable Cheekrest and Buttpad



AK Handguard

•  Ventilated Handguard
•  Matte Black
•  Glass-Filled Nylon
•  Made in USA
•  Lifetime Warranty
•  No Gunsmithing


AK Handguard

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology AK Handguard



AK-47 Mag Covers

bulletProtects mag feed lips and ammo from dirt, dust or moisture
bulletBlack & Flexible

FITS: 7.62 x 39 AK-47 Magazines AK-47 Mag Covers

Mag Cover for AK/MAK-90 (7.62x39mm) (4pk)

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology Mag Cover for AK/MAK-90 (7.62x39mm) (4pk)



SKS or AK Sling 

bullet Specially designed tapered end
bullet Adjustable 1-1/4” black nylon strap   
bullet Quick detachable swivel

FITS: Fits most SKS or AK Stocks and More

SKS or AK Sling

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology SKS or AK Sling 



Fiberforce Buttpad 

bulletSimply slip-on
bulletAbsorbs recoil
bulletAdds 1" length
FITS: ATI SKS and AK Fiberforce Stocks

Fiberforce Buttpad

Item Number Description Price  

Advanced Technology Fiberforce Buttpad 



Other gun accessories too numerous to break down by manufacturer or caliber that may be of interest...

Carlson's Choke Tubes

Amega Ranges Mounts

Ram-Line Stocks

Talley Rings

Weaver Mounts and Bases


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